27 October 2018 Crocus Expo, Hall 13

EcoDAY at InterCHARM

within 25th anniversary InterCHARM


Round table "Natural Cosmetics: Behind The Scenes"

Conference "Halal Cosmetics and Muslim-friendly Spa"

Conference “Eco-Trends in Salon Business"

EcoDAY Lectures

Green Valley Awards

Round table "Natural Cosmetics: Behind The Scenes"

10.15 – 12.40.  Registration - since 09.30. Hall Retail Connect.

Recommended to: manufacturers, wholesellers, distributors, and all those interested in eco-certiication and manufacturing of natural and organic cosmetics.


Co-organiser & moderator:

Helene Koval, international expert in natural and organic cosmetic, director of analytical consultion agency BioCosmOS


  • Basic requirements. October -2018. What is new in TS 009/2011 “About safety in cosmetics and perfumery”
  • Ecostandart certification: how is audit conducted? How not to fear it and even benefit from it?
  • Preparation plan for producing certified natural and organic products. Tasks involved.
  • What should production look like for natural and organic? What requirements are in the COSMOS standard (ECOCERT, BIO, BDIH, ICEA, Soil Association…) How to optimize costs for production?
  • What to certify? Everything or only selected products? How to optimize costs for certification? Marketing strategy – how to turn weaknesses into strengths? 
  • Which certifier to choose? Standards COSMOS (BIO, ECOCERT, BDIH…), USDA-Organic, NSF, BIORUS. Demand on different markets: Asia, Europe, Russia e.t.c.
  • What expenses are involved in ecocertification? How to lower them? 
  • Corporate & Social responsibility?

The Speakers

Pauline Raffaitin

Certification Manager

ECOCERT Greenlife

Tatiana Puchkova

deputy manager


Ekaterina Matantseva


Mi & Ko

Nicolas Bertrand



Marika Zielinska

Senior Consultant

Obelis Cosmetics

Conference "Halal Cosmetics and Muslim-friendly Spa"

The Impact of Faith-based Practices On Markets

13.15 – 15.45   Retail Connect Hall


Co-organiser & moderator:


AnnaMaria Aisha Tiozzo, president WHAD (world halal development), halal certification center – ITALIA


Part 1: 13-15-14.30

The impact of faith- based practices on production, distribution and marketing of personal care and cosmetic products

  • What is the meaning of HALAL COSMETICS?
  • Current state and growth dynamics of halal cosmetics in the world   and in Russia
  • Halal certification of cosmetics and personal care from ingredients to packaging and advertising
  • Market trends, price positioning and distribution channels for halal certified products

Round table: the speakers and some halal certified cosmetic companies will answer the questions of the public


Part 2. 14.30-15.45

The impact of faith-based practices on personal care and beauty treatments

  • Beauty and Islam: concept of beauty, suggested and disliked treatments, mandatory and forbidden rituals
  • BAYTI MUSLIM FRIENDLY SPA:  the first  wordwide spa and beauty center program for the incoming of Arab and Muslim clients.

Adapting western treatments to Arab and/or Muslim clients: 

  • Rules on beauty treatments, space organization, gender separation, food and drink, personal and professional etiquette

Adapting traditional and religious treatments to western style:

  • Make up and styling for hijabi women
  • Natural and halal beauty secrets
  • GAFLE el Ras: re-interpreting the ancient healing arab massage
  • Different hammam rituals for different traditions
  • Different uses of henna: from tattoos to hair treatments
  • Not only women: men and family treatments

Round table: the speakers and some local spas will debate the topic

The Speakers

AnnaMaria Aisha Tiozzo


WHAD - World Halal Development

Merve Ozturk

Cosmetic Technical Department

WHAD Italian Halal Certification Center

Kirill Skogorev


Alif Consult


Eco-Strategies, Marketing and Business Profitability

11.00 - 13.00. Registration - since 10.30. InterCHARM Med Hall


11.00 - 11.10

How is Eco-philosofy spreads in the salon business: 4 definitions of ecology.

Marina Belyakova, Chief Editor of You Professional


11.10 - 11.30

Eco-trend Is Gaining Momentum: What Consumers Expect From Beauty Service Providers

Tatyana Mikhailenko Head of TM Communications, Founder of WeGreen


11.30 - 11.45

Interior Design in Eco Style

Sergey Zabaluev, Managing Director of Welonda Russia

11.45 - 12.05

Eco Spa Features. The influence of the atmosphere on the company success

Victor Donchenko, Founder, General Director of AMOVEO SPA

12.05 - 12.25

People of Eco-Salon. How to Promote Naturality via Employees?

Inna Orlova, Founder, Kypwell

12.25 - 12.40

Organic Cosmetics in the Salon. Criteria for Selection of Environmental Parameters of Beauty Products.

Alla Puhalskaya, Training Manager, Aroma-Phyt's, Psychologist, Physiologist

12.45 - 13.00

Eco-Strategy in the Salon. Criteria Of Ecology. Why Do We Need a Strategy? How to Create and Apply it?

Helene Koval, International Expert On Natural and Organic Products, Director of Analytical Consulting Agency BioCosmos

EcoDAY Lectures

Wellbeing: nutrition, care, make up

13.15 - 15.00. InterCHARM Med Hall

13.30 - 13.50

Co-organiser and moderator:

Tatyana Mikhailenko, Head of TM Communications, WeGreen.ru, Founder of Live Organic Awards


13.50 - 14.10

Lecture "Care for children and pregnant women: what you need to know before, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding"

Dmitry Erzin, MD, PhD, expert in human ecology

14.10 - 14.20

Lecture "Components of a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, care, cosmetics"

Inna Orlova, co-founder of Kypwell, chairman of Kypwell Corp. Ltd, Cyprus

14.20 - 15.00

Awarding participants, photo session with a special star guest - EcoDAY Ambassador

Green Valley Awards

15.00 - 16.00

InterCHARM Med Hall

Organizing committee


Dr. Kirsten Huettner, Germany

researcher, consultant, and analyst of the German and Russian market of natural and organic cosmetics, the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of the Internet portal Ekokosmetika.ru 


Tatyana Lebedeva, Russia

Editor-in-Chief and Founder of LookBio magazine, information portal for eco / bio / organic professionals Look.Bio

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